Hybrid noise-cancelling headphones
Hybrid noise-cancelling headphones are a combination of feedforward and feedback ANC headsets. 
Feedforward ANC headphones have a microphone outside the ear cup. In this way, the mic hears the surrounding noise first. The ANC circuit then cancels it before it reaches the person’s ears. These ANC headphones are more sensitive to the shrilling noise that winds create. But they cannot cut out the lower frequency of noises.
On the other hand, feedback ANC headsets have the mic placed inside the ear cup. This allows the mic to hear exactly what the listener’s ear perceives. Then the ANC controller cuts out the resultant audio signal. They are great for reducing the low-end hum, but cannot cut out noise in the upper mid-range – 1 -2kHz.
In hybrid ANC headphones, microphones are present on both sides of the ear cups. As a result, they are able to reduce a broader spectrum of noise frequencies.