“Music makes you feel free. Young is all about stylish, and young music is all about the thrill. Designing cool- looking that push us forward. Unleash the colorful youth, highlight musical personality. You feel the music pulsing in every nerve of your body. Spark up your passion with good music quality. Ready to feel your pulse racing?”

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S1 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black)
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What Our Customers Think of our headphones?

 Ryno D. Bones

"The Great:

BATTERY - Absolutely fantastic battery life. Last longer than my favorites from BolTune. Have only charged them once in the past week, and my battery app shows these are still about 45%. That's about 24hrs of constant use. If it continues, I can see these reaching that 45hr mark! That's crazy.

Compact - These fold up to be very compact. When I first got them I was worried I got headphones for a kid! Luckily they're full-size adult headphones. Stylish colors, too.

Sound - These are for people who love music. Bass is deep and the highs are high. I'd say the mids are really kind of light, though. Without an EQ, these are great for rap, techno, edm, industrial, dubstep, etc. Classical feels hollow due to lack of mids. Rock/Alternative/Classic Rock is decent, but much improved with the use of an equalizer. Honestly, it's going to be pretty subjective, but if your main goal is consuming mass quantities of music these will do you well.

Noise Cancelling - Works well. Comparable to TaoTronics SS90's at about the same price. Creates a mild white noise that almost completely blocks out room noises. Repetitive noises are blocked well...Finger tapping on the desk goes away after a few seconds. I was quite impressed."